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Rancho Bernardo Wedding Hair Stylist

Rancho Bernardo bride at Wedding, beautiful hair


For 15 years Andrea Sorrentino has been creating unique wedding hair styles for weddings around the world. From Germany to Canada, Northern California to Southern, she’s spread her wonderful talent quite wide. Her creativity and drive combine to make each and every bride’s fantasy hair style come true.

For the last two years, Andrea has been working in San Diego, primarily serving the Rancho Bernardo area. Within the Bernardo Winery lies a cute salon called The Salon at the Vineyard, which Andrea calls home-base. From here she creates unique hair styles for brides using the on-site wedding venue at The Bernardo Winery, and also travels to other local venues to provide on-site wedding hair and makeup services for all of San Diego.

There are many wonderful, unique wedding venues in Rancho Bernardo, making the area a growing hot-spot for San Diego weddings. Only a short drive from the beach, this beautiful area is hilly and densely covered in trees and brush. The landscape makes for a picturesque, fairy tale wedding that many brides have been picturing since they were children.

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Thank You Letter – Danielle

Hi Andrea,

I wanted to thank you again for the AMAZING job you did for my wedding. All the girl’s hair including mine was so much more than I could have dreamed. Everyone was soooooo beautiful and we received so many compliments. I was so fortunate to have worked with you. I can’t say enough good things.

Best Wishes,

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My December Bride

Jessie came to me on Wednesday after a tasting at the Cafe Merlot to introduce herself to me. What a fun bubbly beautiful bride to be. We had an appointment on Friday the 14th to play with her hair and makeup for her Dec. wedding day.

My beautiful bride-to-be. Look at those curls


She has beautiful curly curly hair, that we put up in one of more popular styles of the year, Taylor Swift’s side style.


Taylor Swift style

Taylor Swift style


This is a wonderful style to create “perfect” for each bride. Jesse also has a beautiful cage veil and flower made out of feathers that match what’s on the bottom of her dress.


feather cage veil

A fun way to wear your cage.


Very “Vintage” look for her. “Cinderella” watch out, here comes the bride of the 20th century.


Brightened up color and blew out those beautiful curls.



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Welcome to my New Site!

Welcome to my new website,!

As you may know, I have recently moved to San Diego, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here! Going on 6 months soon, things couldn’t be going better.

For those of you wondering, I am working at the beautiful The Salon at the Vineyard. The salon is nestled in the center of the Bernardo Winerys, a wonderful location for those looking to get out and explore what San Diego has to offer! Great food, great shopping, and of course, great wine. The Bernardo Winery is also a full service Wedding Location, offering services such as catering, hair, makeup, relaxing spa treatments, and much much more.

If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to call me. I am gracious for all of your support!

Andrea Sorrentino

The Hair Viz

(530) 318-4178

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